Baypark to Bayfair Link

The upgrade to the Baypark to Bayfair Link will provide improvements to the SH2/SH29A Te Maunga intersection and to the SH2 Maunganui Road/Girven Road intersection, and complete the eastern corridor for the Bay of Plenty.

After our previous work on the SCI we were asked to come and maintain vegetation on this new motorway improvement in Tauranga. We have kept all grassed areas maintained to a high standard, including Berms, private properties and public areas including traffic islands and working with attenuators next to live traffic.

From spot spraying to canopy, We have under taken large scale herbicide spray offs of old areas of vegetation for new development. Monthly we work through all aspects of project with site engineers and Taylor a plan to suit their maintenance needs. We have developed a comprehensive safety program, that incorporates all the necessary health and safety paperwork and qualifications to allow us to work on such a busy and dangerous site.

Stump Removal